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Joining Kenton’s Swim for ‘Merica.

Nine miles and counting.

Yesterday we joined Kenton’s Swim for ‘Merica but we decided to start at Scripts Pier and end at South Mission Beach.

A grassy start.

The first 3 miles were lovely. Just past Boomers the ocean turned into what seemed like and endless sea of grass. I felt like we were monsters from the black lagoon.

Birdrock encounters.

Upon reaching Birdrock my amazing brother, who was our kayaker, saw dangerous swells and waves and led us around it safely. At mile 6 our paths crossed with Kenton and company, and as he said — "it was a great meet up"!

A choppy end.

The last 3.5miles we were spent swimming outside of the surf break, and the water was terribly choppy. We could see the main lifeguard station as we reached The Coaster, and a dolphin popped up to say hello! Once we became parallel with the main lifeguard station we swam into shore, but the surf was so large that we got toppled over and Jamie even lost his cap.

Overall an excellent swim and fun adventure!

Congratulations Jamie on your longest swim and thank you Kurt for being our local safety kayaker! Also a big thanks to @redline_sandiego for helping us out with stress free way to rent a kayak!

With two weeks to go before my width of Lake Tahoe swim, I headed back out to the ocean this morning for a cool 3 mile swim with @blanois.

I feel ready 😊!

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