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Something for everyone.


Join Swim Open Waters coaches as they lead exclusive and group events, and co-lead coached swims through partner organizations. 

Looking to attend our next exclusive event, get together, or to simply join in some locally coached events?


We are privileged to live in a place like San Diego, and have access to these wonderful open water spaces all year round — with or without a wetsuit! There is so much going on no matter what the season, and there is always an opportunity for you to join a group, an organization, or to attend exclusive Swim Open Waters events. 

Sidney is an official coach with both the Tri Club of San Diego and US Masters Swimming, co-leading multiple group swims and leading masters programs throughout the year across various locations. These events are for organization members only, but if you would like to pop by and give it a try, we strongly encourage it and you are always welcome. 



No events at the moment
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