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This time, La Jolla shores was going to see a lot more of me.

Eight hours, in fact.

My favorite swim spot, and one of the most beautiful beaches on earth, spent a good deal of time with me in it this morning. Preparing for my next channel swim, I decided to put my local spot to the test.

A chilly distance.

Despite the recent temperature drop, I swam my longest swim so far — 8hrs across 14miles.

My experience.

For the first two hours it was dark and below the surface the water temperature was 59°F. I spent the entire swim — until the sun came out around 11am —fighting off the cold. Failure sloshed around in my mind every stroke I took. I finished feeling like I could have kept swimming but that sense of success and achievement only came to me at the very end.

I'm ready to meet the Catalina Channel.

So many thanks to @angybby for being my support, I could not have have done this without out her. Also a big thanks to @racerwesson for swimming me out more hot water and of course my land crew @archikate and for having a hot cup of coffee and a warm towel waiting.

You might swim it alone but you can't get there alone.

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