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Get to know your coach.

Sidney Russell


Sidney's passion for swimming is evident in the way she coaches her clients, leads Triathlon Club San Diego at La Jolla Shores, and co-leads workouts at Ventura Cove.

Whether you are looking to improve your stroke, become a faster swimmer, or participate in a marathon event, Sidney will go above and beyond to support you. She is always well prepared, giving you workouts, doing them alongside you, or demonstrating something new — and is approachable, open minded, and always willing to answer your questions.

Sidney lives in east county San Diego with her husband and two children. She is a life-long athlete with 15 years of competitive swimming, and has been swimming the in open oceans since she was a child. In 2018, Sidney rediscovered her love for swimming in the open water when she chose to begin training for her first triathlon. Through hours spent swimming in the open water, Sidney realized that she had found her true passion, and thus began her marathon swimming journey. 

To date, Sidney has completed four marathon swims and is looking forward to many more on the horizon.


July, 2022

Lake Tahoe

34.2 km

June, 2022

Semana Neutica Ocean Swim

8.4 km

June, 2022

Anacapa Channel

19.6 km

April, 2022

SCAR, Saguaro Lake

13.3 km

September, 2021

Catalina Channel

32.3 km

July, 2021

Lake Tahoe
(True width)

19.2 km

May, 2021

El Cruce
Cancun to Isla Mujeres

9.2 km

April, 2021

Coronado (Around)

18.6 km

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