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My first marathon swim: swimming all the way around Coronado.

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Around Coronado Swim — April 9, 2021

Uneventful — yet everything I needed and wanted.

It's a wrap.

As I neared the beach I forgot about the kayaks next to me, and just buried my head and swam for shore. Swimming through the surf, — just like I do on almost every swim — I could feel the sand under my feet and I could hear my friends yelling at me to keep running to dry sand. I high fived @dan.swimonelli — and it was over.

Reflecting on the experience.

Looking back on this swim I feel like it was very uneventful, but I think that might be a good feeling. I think I was overly prepared. I got all my emotions, breakdowns, and breakthroughs out of the way earlier on in my training. Originally my biggest fear was the cold, but as my swim date approached, the concern of too much sun exposure took over.

Informative and up lifting.

While uneventful, my first marathon swim was informative. For a brief moment, I found myself in a haze of dark thoughts, but I reminded myself that “this feeling, THIS SWIM, will be gone and to just enjoy it before you are out”. I learnt where a few of my body’s physical weak points are, and how to push through. I also learnt that I need a lot of work on my feedings and nutrition breaks.

But mostly, I know I could have kept swimming and will.

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