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Switching things up, with a long distance swim event in the Caribbean Sea.

¡Bienvenido a Mexico!

A dip on the warmer side of central America.

After becoming deeply frustrated at the cold water of the pacific ocean, I signed up to swim the El Cruce Completo 10K from Cancun to the Isla Mujeres.

Getting prepared.

I had completed a non stop 10k in the pool in January during my #badwater267vr challenge so I wasn't too worried about about swimming in the warmer waters. Without thinking too much, I slowly made my way at the start of the swim.

A beautiful experience.

I had a very smooth and relaxing swim, however I did get lost on the course at some point. Discouraged, I was eventually directed back to the race and found my self with the top swimmers from my age group. The best parts of my swim were finding and swimming next to my friend (who started in a different heat), seeing a turtle along the way, and finishing early enough to cheer for my teammates as they crossed the finish line.

Thank you for all the support and congratulations everyone!

Now it's time to prepare for Lake Tahoe.

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